What is the Daten?

The Daten is a sports and community club with incredible events spaces which are also available to hire.

Who owns it?

It is owned by its members.

Who runs it?

It is committee run. The committee is made up of a group of volunteers who are voted in by the members and act in the best interest of the club.

Is it a members only club?

No! Anyone who takes part in a regular sporting activity in the building has to be a member. This is to ensure CASC rules are abided to.

But anyone can come in for an event or a drink or a bite to eat! Being a member does have some incredible benefits though.

Who gets the profits?

The club is a “not for profit” this means that any surplus money (after all expenses are paid) are put directly back into the club. This means every penny spent in The Daten goes towards its upkeep.