DTC has  a vibrant juniors section , most of them active tennis players and participate in the coaching. Junior coaching groups and private lessons to club members are available throughout the year.

​In addition to junior coaching, there are also seniors coaching groups and private lessons available to club members throughout the year. 

​Group lessons are a great way to get to know other members in the club as well as an opportunity to arrange to meet new practice partners. Our coaches can accommodate all levels of ability into the sessions (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The lessons take place regularly throughout the week at very affordable prices. The group sessions are both instructive & competitive, are all together great fun and an opportunity to put all the coaching into practice.

Anyone interested in coaching should contact one of our coaches directly or email for more information.

Tennis Ireland Registered Coach: Eduard Vlas +353 876963990 & Daniel Vlas  +353 87 996 4894) 

(pictured below left with former Club Chairman Joe O'Leary)